The Orginal A Revised Design From Teo Musso: Teku 3.0

The universal glass for gourmet beers and craft beers impresses tasting professionals and other beer enthusiasts alike. The overall shape of the glass, its relatively small chimney-shaped upper bowl and its fill capacity perfectly highlight the qualities of aroma-rich beers.

  • Fine, thin rim.
  • Conical shape / Chimney-shaped upper bowl for aroma concentration.
  • Stem and bowl are optimally balanced
Rastal Teku Taster

Inspired by the world famous Teku goblet, this
taster opens a new gate into the world of
craft beverage tastings.

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Rastal Teku Glass

The Teku glass is built with outward curvature
and a remarkably thin lip for a full sensory
drinking experience and easy sipping.

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Stop Drinking Beer And Start Tasting It

An excellent companion for truly great beer – IPA, double IPA, stout, lambic, sour beer and any beer brewed for tasting. The aromas and flavor intended by the brewer are now yours to enjoy with this unique craft beer glass by Rastal of Germany.

The Rastal TEKU 14.2 oz craft beer glass is designed specifically for craft beer. The eye-catching tulip glass design is both pleasing and functional. The stemmed glass limits contact of warm hands with a perfectly chilled beer, reminiscent of a wine glass allowing complex aromas to fill the bowl. Fine thin fluted rim for a great mouthfeel. Molded TEKU mark on base.